animal protein

Sustainable, Healthy & Natural ingredients
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Introducing Our Unique Protein

Our highly digestible animal protein is obtained from T. molitor beetle larvaes, which we produce by ourselves in innovative rearing facilities.
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Advantages over other proteins

What's so interesting about our new animal protein source?

Great Nutritional Content

Contains all essential amino acids, healthy fats and B-Vitamins.

Organoleptic Properties

The excellent nutty-umami taste will surprise you.

Low Carbon Footprint

Circular Economy-based.

Efficient Production

We optimize animal protein production in terms of Land-use, Time and Quality.
Protein uses

Superfoods fueled by animal protein

Our ingredients are very versatile. They perform excellently in a wide range of food applications!
Sports Nutrition: A real alternative to whey protein. 
Bakery Products: Increase the protein content of breads, muffins, cakes and many more applications
Alimentary Paste: Pasta that already contains animal protein in its composition, simply add tomatoto enjoy a bolognese.
Meat Analogues: The best candidate to develop these products, mainly because it is a real animal protein.
Extruded Snacks: Healthy & protein-rich snacks, the ingredient performs very well during industrial processing.

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Who we are

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We are a Spanish Food-tech company focused on introducing this new source of Premium Animal Protein in the Food Chain.

Our aim is to give solutions to one of the most important problems that our planet and people are facing.
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